XR Technology

an even more immersive experience

An exceptional immersive experience

Our new XR film set provides an exceptional immersive experience for users with its state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to video mapping and camera tracking, an interactive 3D environment is projected onto LED walls. This method creates the illusion that the filmed characters are actually in the projected setting, which reinforces the immersion and allows the actors to better project themselves in their role. Indeed, thanks to this technology, the actors can also see the set, which facilitates their interpretation and makes the shooting process more fluid.

A flexibility of creation

The XR set offers unique creative flexibility. Users can create customized virtual environments for their project, allowing them to focus on the details and features that matter most. The XR set is also easily adaptable to different types of production, whether it’s commercials, movies or TV shows.

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the use of the virtual environment for shooting

An XR set offers several lighting advantages over the use of traditional green backgrounds. First of all, the virtual environment projected on the walls of the set allows to generate a natural light which is reflected on the actors and the objects. This technique allows for more realistic shadows and highlights than those produced by a green background, which can look artificial or clumsy.

Secondly, using a virtual environment for filming makes post-production much easier. Indeed, images shot on a green background require a more complex post-production step to remove the green color and add the desired background. With the XR set, the sets are already integrated into the projected virtual environment, allowing for faster and more accurate post-production.