The set has a set of robots. The SPIRIT robotization range is the result of 30 years of French industry. It allows to offer a dynamism in the realization with perpetual movements.
We offer a traveling dolly. The Dolly moves along an 8m long curved rail. Combined with the elevations of the telescopic column, it offers dynamic planes that reinforce the parallax.
The Komodo Broadcast cameras are mounted on robotic heads, with the same Pan, Tilt, Zoom remote control capabilities as a turret camera but with the much higher quality offered by a Broadcast camera.


We use the multiCAM PILOT software. This powerful tool allows a single operator to control 4 robots at the same time. This allows for greater productivity and creativity while reducing production costs.

The PILOT software, developed in-house, allows, among other things, to recall motion sequences on a Dolly/Lift/Head pair (Motion Control) while a key position is recalled on another and the operator with the control panel manually controls a third. The director therefore has a wide choice of controlled shots that he can put on the air at any time.

Our led wall

We are working on a wall technology adapted to video capture. The frequency of the wall, the colorimetry and the design quality of the led offer an ideal environment for broadcast projects.
Our technology enables us to offer high-quality rendering in both 2D and XR decor.

We developed the Backdrop solution to offer multicam capture projects in XR. The XR can be used to project a virtual set, giving a sense of depth to the set with a perspective adapted to the camera’s point of view.
A catalog of sets is available for productions with nature, city, futuristic, interactive, abstract settings. The decorations offer degrees of customization to adapt them to your graphic charter.