SPACE x SPLINE : Innovation at our Open Days

The beginning of May was marked by an event we organized: The Open Days. This day was an opportunity for us to present our latest innovations, with a particular focus on our revolutionary 2.5D technology. The event was also supported by the presence of SPLINE, a partner of choice for its expertise in motion control.

2.5D technology: a revolution in broadcasting

The highlight of the Open Days was the presentation of 2.5D technology, an innovative solution that meets the needs of our sector. This technology makes it possible to create scenery with dimension, offering greater depth and immersion. What’s most impressive? These sets are produced at competitive costs, thanks to generative AI algorithms.

AI for creative thinking

The integration of artificial intelligence into the 2.5D set creation process is a significant step forward. By using the latest generative AI algorithms, we optimize the production of these sets, making them not only more realistic and immersive, but also more affordable. This synergy between technology and creativity opens up new prospects for television studios and audiovisual productions.

SPLINE: motion control in the spotlight

The Open Days also featured a collaboration with SPLINE, a major player in the field of motion control. The company presented its cutting-edge technologies, which enable precise, fluid control of camera movements. These tools integrate perfectly into the SPACE environment, offering extensive creative possibilities for dynamic, immersive shots.

The Open Days were a real success. The event showcased innovative technologies that push back the boundaries of what is possible in broadcasting. 2.5D technology, powered by AI, and SPLINE’s motion control solutions represent the future of audiovisual production: more immersive, more dynamic and more accessible.