Sound/Video control

Control System

The multiCAM SPACE control system has been designed to be very versatile. All flows enter the ATEM which acts as a matrix. Thus, the different bricks that make up the device can be adapted according to the desired configuration. For example, the LED broadcast solution retrieves 2 SDI streams and X NDI streams that can be assigned to virtual screens in the xR or in AR, to a full-pot display on the wall. These same sources are sent to the control room to dress the program.

4x HF lapel microphone

The sound kit includes 5x HF lavalier microphone Sennheiser EW-D SK.

The Management

All audio sources (microphones, external signals and video players) are connected to a YAMAHA QL1 sound console. This console features Dante I/O and manages the N-1 of external contributions.



The SPIRIT robotization range is the result of 30 years of French industry. It allows to offer a dynamism in the realization with perpetual movements.

The multiCAM PILOT software with its control panel allows an operator to control 4 robots at the same time. This allows for greater productivity and creativity while reducing human costs.
PILOT allows, among other things, to recall motion sequences on a Dolly/Lift/Head pair (Motion Control) while a key position is recalled on another and the operator with the control panel manually controls a third.
The director therefore has a wide choice of controlled shots that he can put on the air at any time.

Lighting control specifications :

8 Panel Led KL XL 2000 Kelvin to 10 000 Kelvin 544 W
4 Panel Led KL 295 W 2000 Kelvin to 10 000 Kelvin
8 Robe 300 Lyre 19 x 10W 15 to 60
8 Sereniled COLOR DMX 150W RGBW 15° to 40° cutout
3 Focus Flex Lyre 7 x 40W 5° to 55