Sound/Video control

The Management

The multiCAM SPACE control system has been designed to be very versatile. All flows enter the ATEM which acts as a matrix. Thus, the different bricks that make up the device can be adapted according to the desired configuration. For example, the LED broadcast solution retrieves 2 SDI streams and X NDI streams that can be assigned to virtual screens in the xR or in AR, to a full-pot display on the wall. These same sources are sent to the control room to dress the program.

4x HF lapel microphone

The sound kit includes 5x Sennheiser EW-D SK HF lavalier microphones.

The Control Room

All audio sources (microphones, external signals and video players) are connected to a YAMAHA QL1 sound console. This console features Dante I/O and manages the N-1 of external contributions.


The SPIRIT robotization range is the result of 30 years of French industry. It allows to offer a dynamism in the realization with perpetual movements.

The multiCAM PILOT software with its control panel allows an operator to control 4 robots at the same time. This allows for greater productivity and creativity while reducing human costs.
Among other things, PILOT enables motion sequences to be recalled on a Dolly/Lift/Head pair (Motion Control), while a key position is recalled on another and the operator, using the control panel, manually controls a third.
The director therefore has a wide choice of controlled shots that he can put on the air at any time.

<span data-metadata=""><span data-buffer="">Lighting control specifications :

8 Panel Led KL XL 2000 Kelvin to 10 000 Kelvin 544 W
4 Panel Led KL 295 W 2000 Kelvin to 10 000 Kelvin
8 Robe 300 Lyre 19 x 10W 15 to 60
8 Sereniled COLOR DMX 150W RGBW 15° to 40° cutout
3 Focus Flex Lyre 7 x 40W 5° to 55