Innovation and artistry for DisonsDemain

On March 20, the Scope and Socialy teams collaborated to produce a series of three innovative commercials for DisonsDemain, a Meetic brand. Using multiCAM SPACE‘s xR platform, these 20-second spots highlight the app’s latest feature, “Dream Matching”.

To captivate the audience, six virtual sets were meticulously created to reflect the unique world of “Dream Matching”. Faced with a tight deadline of less than two weeks, DreamCorp rose to the challenge by deploying a revolutionary 3D creation tool. This tool, based on artificial intelligence-assisted generation algorithms (Gen-AI), transformed simple images into ultra-realistic xR environments. This technique not only speeds up the creative process, but also significantly reduces production costs.

The result? Impressive sets that bring clients’ visions to life, while respecting time constraints. Feedback was unanimously positive, praising the quality and realism of the visuals, which far exceeded expectations.

These advances demonstrate the potential of integrating Gen-AI technology into the creative industries, paving the way for ever more innovative and captivating productions.

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